January 1, 2016

Hello 2016!

It is hard to believe how fast time goes. 2015 was a pretty incredible year for us as we welcomed our baby boy into the world! The end of 2015 brought huge change with this addition but I think 2016 is going to be the real year of change. As of now, I am staying home full-time with our son and leaving behind my job and my master's degree program... for now. It was certainly a tough decision and my last day at school was bittersweet. My county offers child-rearing leave in which they hold your job for up to 2 years which is great and gives me peace of mind that I have a job to go back to should I need/want to do so. 

That being said, I am in hugely transitional phase and trying to get my footing as a new mom and a stay at home mom. Admittedly, it has been a challenge trying to leave behind the 'old' me and embrace the 'new' me but being a mom is something I have always wanted so I'm looking forward to this new chapter, challenges and all. 

As most people who blog do, I love a fresh start and enjoy setting goals for the year so below you'll find the things I'll be working on in 2016. 

1. Think positively. I am the worst at having a positive outlook. I'd say it's the thing my husband likes least about me. I imagine the worst case scenario and have a hard time believing in the good. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have no reason to believe that something bad is going to happen but can't seem to shake the feeling... I'm really hoping to kick this way of thinking permanently in 2016. 
The Happiness questions - and how to reach it.:

2. Drink more water. This is just a no brainer. It was nearly impossible to drink water while teaching P.E., I simply wasn't stationary long enough and carrying around a water bottle just wasn't feasible. Hopefully being home will allow me to drink more water on the regular. 
3. Exercise consistently. Again, a no brainer but certainly harder to attain now that there is a baby around but my husband has agreed to come home early one day a week so I can go to Core Power Yoga. Really looking forward to getting back into yoga. 
4. Engage with my community. Baltimore offers so many programs, classes, meet-ups, etc for families and I would really like to take advantage of the resources available to us. I've scoped out some classes that I'd like to take the baby to and am looking forward to starting soon! 
5. Let go. Of guilt. Of fear. Of all the things that seem to stop me from fully enjoying my life as it is right now. This life is a good one and I don't want to look back and realize I didn't enjoy it because I was too busy being scared or feeling bad about something trivial or planning for the future instead of enjoying the present. 
6. Shop less. My big New Year's Resolution is a shopping ban for one year. That's right, no shopping for the entire year of 2016. I should clarify that this means no clothes shopping for myself. I LOVE shopping but I have a ton of clothes and truly don't need more so I'm challenging myself to only wearing what is already in my closet. I plan to post outfits daily on Instagram so if you'd like, you can follow along @the365closet. I'm really hoping I can stick this out. I'll be super proud of myself if I can make it one whole year without shopping. 

Cheers to 2016! 

October 5, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

Untitled #17

J. McLaughlin Shane Sweater//J.McLaughlin Doran Cashmere Sweater//J.McLaughlin Frida Colorblock Sweater
J.McLaughlin Sataya Sweater//J.McLaughlin Margaret Sweater//J.McLaughlin Pence Cashmere Poncho

Crushing hard on these sweaters from J.McLaughlin this fall! Loving the laid back but structured silhouette of these options. There are other colors available but as usual, I'm partial to the neutrals. I am especially into the Pence poncho, it looks so comfortable and I love the sleeves! The back of the Doran sweater is super cute and the Sataya sweater has a vegan leather elbow stripe that gives a typical striped sweater a little something extra (currently on sale)!

I hope everyone has a nice Monday and your weeks get off to a good start. We were very lucky that the hurricane missed us this weekend. We've experienced what's happening down in South Carolina and my heart goes out to all those affected. 

October 1, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday: Master Bathroom Refresh

Master Bathroom Refresh

I mentioned a few weeks back that with the impending arrival of the tiny human, we've been tackling some house projects that we've wanted to complete. One of those was the master bathroom. The first order of business was the paint. The color, honestly, wasn't terrible and I probably wouldn't have changed it but the paint job itself was really shoddy. I made a terrible mistake initially and painted the bathroom Sherwin Williams 'Watery'. Uh, it was AWFUL in our bathroom which is a shame because it looks beautiful in other peoples' homes. The color was too bright for the space and made the space look very outdated. Very early 90s turquoise. Perhaps if I had cut it, it might have worked but ultimately I decided to repaint the bathroom Sherwin Williams 'Sea Salt' and am much happier with that decision. It is a green-blue-gray color but reads mostly light green in our bathroom. It is a beautiful, versatile color! 

The hardware that was used for the toilet paper, towels, and the hooks on the back of the door were improperly hung and have been falling off the walls since we moved in. We are replacing all of that hardware with the Glacier Bay Constructor Series from Home Depot. I love the bright chrome and the clean lines of thiseries. Given the airy nature of the Sea Salt in the space, I think the hardware will contribute to the overall serene feeling I am going for. 

Glacier Bay Constructor 3-Piece Bath Accessory Kit in Chrome

As far as new decoration is concerned, we are in desperate need of an extra long shower curtain and I love the bold stripes of this shower curtain as it adds some color without being too overwhelming. I'd also love to add some color in with these turkish towels but I am a little hesitant to click buy on these as I really prefer thicker towels and I'm just not sure these will cut it. How adorable are these Evelyn Henson prints? I am a sucker for a cute animal print and I think I could get my husband on board with these, as well! 

Thoughts for Thursday

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September 21, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

Untitled #16

Bringing you something other than sweaters and booties for this Monday Wish List! I've been a big fan of Devon Baer fan since she was selling clothes via Etsy, The clothes are beautiful but unfortunately, the price tag has kept them on my wish list and not in my closet.  I'm hoping to score this dress for the holidays this year  - maybe this could count as a push present?? How cute is the ruffle neckline and the gray tartan print? LOVE. I am also loving these half D'Orsay pumps from Kristin Cavallari (whom I have such a girl crush on) for Chinese Laundry and think they would pair quite nicely with the Devon Baer dress! I love the open side and the 3 inch heel is the perfect height, in my opinion.

 It's hard to believe but there are only 66 days until Thanksgiving and only 96 until Christmas... which means there are only 47 days until this baby's due date! Yikes.

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September 18, 2015

Five on Friday!

Image result for five on friday

1. Old Navy Striped Tunic. I cannot say enough good things about this tunic: the length, the 3/4 quarter length sleeve, and the slight stretch the 2% of spandex gives the tunic make it a great everyday staple. I am currently wearing a medium with a maternity tank underneath and it fits over the bump quite nicely. I have the neutral and black in size medium and I bought the blue in a large as this bump ain't gettin' any smaller so I thought it prudent to have one that will fit in those last couple of weeks! Yes, I own all three colors, I love it that much.
Old NavyOld NavyOld Navy
Old Navy Striped Tunic (Black)

2. Aden + Anais Clothing. Aden + Anais, makers of the cult favorite swaddle blanket, recently launched a clothing line made of the same material with an added hint of stretch. I've bought several of their blankets in anticipation of the mini's arrival and am super excited by the prospect of baby clothes made of the same material and the same adorable prints. There are several styles available: rompers, tank tops, short-sleeve kimono, long-sleeve kimono, hoodies... I could seriously buy the whole website. I mean, just look at this adorableness... (it should be noted that I have unhealthy obsession with stars and all things star printed).
ultramarine star tank top body suit
Ultramarine Star Sleeveless Body Suit 

Night Sky Starburst Short Sleeve Kimono Bodysuit 
night sky starburst hoodie
Night Sky Starburst Hoodie
shocking pink star romper
Shocking Pink Star Romper

3.  Evelyn Henson prints. These prints are simply too cute! We are having our master bathroom re-painted this week and I am thinking a few of these prints need to grace the walls. Due to a paint botch on my part initially, I am heading in a different direction decor-wise. I'll share the mood board with you next week, but couldn't wait to share these fun prints with you all today! I absolutely adore the cities prints. She also carries journals, phone cases, and mugs!
Baltimore Map Print
Baltimore Map Print $24.50

Be an Adventurer
Be An Adventurer Print $24.50

Happy Hour
Happy Hour Print $24.50


4. Okay, so this is totally random but do you all remember The Magic School Bus? First and foremost, it was a book series but in the mid-nineties it became a television series. If you're not familiar, its a science based series in which the eccentric teacher Ms. Frizzle takes her students on a 'field trip' to explore various science topics such as: goes to seed (gardening), for lunch (digestive system), kicks up a storm (weather). I show 'The Magic School Bus For Lunch' to my students during the nutrition unit and it does such a wonderful job of illustrating how the digestive system works. I don't remember watching the show as a kid but I love showing it to my students. I've seen a few other episodes like 'Plays Ball' which is an excellent episode explaining physics. The episodes are engaging and fun while explaining an important scientific topic. I found the complete series on Amazon and I am seriously considering buying it for my own children to watch in the future.
The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series
The Magic School Bus Complete Series 

That's what I've got for today.. what are your favorite things this week?

September 14, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

Untitled #14

Leith Dolman Sleeve Pullover // Spanx 'Look-at-Me' Shaping Leggings//Sole Society 'Natasha' Boot 

Did not mean to step away from the blog for a whole month but no matter how many years I've been teaching, the beginning of the school year is always hectic! But as usual, things have settled down and I'm getting back into my school year routine which means back to blogging on the regular.

Bringing you another comfy and casual fall outfit on this Monday. As I've mentioned, I love slouchy sweaters and this one is no exception! It does have dolman sleeves which give me pause because they can really go either way, they either enhance the outfit or they're restricting. You just never know! I've heard great things about these Spanx leggings and am eyeing them specifically for my post baby days, with the hopes they'll hold some of the inevitable jiggly bits in for some time. Oh, these booties. If I am being honest, this is not the type of shoe I would normally go for but I saw these in the Sole Society catalog that I got in the mail and I was instantly drawn to them. I love the color and the flat heel with leggings and a slouchy sweater is exactly the type of look I am going for this fall. Pair this with a pumpkin spice latte and it's the perfect #basic outfit!! Here's a side note confession for you: I don't like PSLs. I'll stick with hot green tea or a vanilla latte any day!

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August 12, 2015

Positano, Italy

It has been over a year since we returned from Italy and I still haven't finished my recap of the trip, ha! I am only going to do one post on Positano and Rome each because in Positano we didn't do much and we were only in Rome for a short period of time. 

What is there to say about Positano? If you've been you know how magical it is and if you're considering going you're probably imagining how magical it is!

We ate the best seafood I've ever had in my life and laid on the beach. It was perfection. On our 3rd day, we hopped on a boat with a little red sign and headed over to Da Adolfo, which is a little beach (Laurito) and restaurant. The food was so good and the beach even better! We opted to use Fornillo Beach while we were in town versus the larger Marina Grande. The chairs were cheaper and it was less crowded. It is a little more difficult to get to but there happened to be a stairwell right to that beach by our hotel. The beaches in Positano proper are rocky. You can't really get in and wade due to the rocks situation, which I will admit, was a little disappointing. You can absolutely get in the water on Laurito Beach! 

Best Places to Eat:

Le Tre Sorelle: Right on Marina Grande beach so you can look out at the people and the colorful umbrellas. Wonderful first meal in Positano. 
Ristorante Scirocco: High above the coast in Montepertuso with incredible views and service. The owner showed us pictures of his son's wedding that had just taken place. The food was great as well.
Da Adolfo: Little restaurant on Laurito Beach where we had some of the best tuna carpaccio of our lives. The spaghetti and clams were also on point. 
Bruno: Beautiful views of the mountain side and the town. We ate more seafood which was excellent, ha. 
Da Vincenzo: We ventured out too late on our last night to get an outside table but the inside of this restaurant was also nice and the food was again, excellent!
So I really only ate seafood while in Positano but it was all seriously excellent! I had a bad batch of clams in Venice and every single clam I had in Positano was perfectly steamed and so tasty! 

 We stayed at the Positano Art Hotel and it was lovely and very eclectic! As it is with many of the hotels in Positano, it was waaaaay high up and I think we walked up and down 500+ stairs every day to get to the beach and the town. Glenn and I joked that with all the walking we did in Italy we were going to come home skinnier than we left, despite the copious amounts of carbs we consumed!

Positano was so relaxing which was welcome after all the sightseeing we'd done in Venice and Florence. Walking around town was lovely and we really enjoyed laying on the beach. Positano is so beautiful and it was fun to finally see its gorgeousness in person!